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Erin Fairfax is the organizer of Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Emergency liaison for the La Cresta Home Owner’s Association. Erin has been working diligently to put in place a coordinated effort in case of disaster on the plateau. I have volunteered to be the Meadow Oaks representative until which time our board can meet and officially designate an Emergency Liaison for this group at our next board meeting.

On Sunday, September 27th, SRP Neighbors held a community meeting for SIP (Shelter in Place)/Evacuation for Horses Event on Castillo Ave. I was one of many people at this meeting. I wanted to share the notes from that meeting with our residents. It contains many very important contacts and some important information. For example, if you are away from home and a fire breaks out on the plateau, you may not be able to get home. If you have animals at home that need to be evacuated and you don’t have a neighbor/ friend already up here that can assist; you can call JAMES HUFFMAN, LT OF FIELD OPERATIONS COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE DEPT. OF ANIMAL SERVICES. 951-358-6514 to make arrangements to have your animals evacuated. He is the in field coordinator for our area. And this is one of several numbers you may want to have on your cell phone in case of emergency.

  SRP Neighbors – SIP/Evacuation for Horses Event 9/27/2020 2-3:30PM

   o Thank you to the trails committee and riding club for sharing with their members so we could get trailers here today
  o LCPOA is designating Shelter In Place (SIP) location throughout their boundaries to be used in case of fires and other emergencies
  o 3 locations are currently being worked on – thank you to Cal Westra for spearheading this effort
  · Facilitator – Erin Fairfax ; Cell 951-852-0295
  · EMD - Ralph Mesa
  Riverside County Emergency Management Department – District #1
  o Evacuation Warning – potential for threat (have time to get trailers hooked up and other belongings to get out).
  o Evacuation Order – mandatory evacuation (must go now, no time for anything)
  o Shelter In place – shelter in home or designated location for the area
  o Encouraged everyone in the community to sign up for:
  § Alert RivCo is used to alert Riverside County community members of urgent actions to take during disasters, such as earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. The County of Riverside uses Swift Reach 911 to deliver Alert RivCo messages.

  Riverside County Fire/CAL FIRE Active Incidents [1]

  Riverside County Sheriff Department [2]

  TLMA Transportation Road Closures [3]

  CalTrans District 8 Road conditions [4]

  Emergency Management Department [5]

  California Highway Patrol [6]
  @CHPInland @CHP_Border @CHP655 @CHP_Border_Span

  o Riverside county is aware that in our area and in De Luz and Rancho Capistrano that cell service may be spotty and in the event of a power outage, they know that we may lose the ability to communicate with others and receive evacuation messages – this is where it becomes important to have neighbors communicating with neighbors – by phone list, car horn, radios etc.
  o county is considering installing a audible emergency horn – like for hurricanes/tsunamis in our area
  o [7] website
  o Currently working on updating information for the community
  o Will be updating contact info for various agencies
  o Adding up-to-date web links
  o Emergency and evacuation information related to all types of emergencies
  o CERT training
  o 3 day course
  o Go to county website to sign up, will also be updating the link on the SRPET site
  o LISTOS – a shorter, intro class
  o CERT refresher courses are also available – 5 hours
  o Evacuations
  o Prepared early
  o RACES – amateur radio volunteer group
  o Can be used in emergencies for this area especially if power/phones are out
  o Shelter In Place – usually means to stay home or find a safe location and stay there until you get the all clear or are told to evacuate
  o Consider adding signage for these designated locations
  o Community map with locations on it
  o Need to get agreements in place before disaster strikes
  o Usually county designates SIP/evacuation centers that are county property – not privately owned, usually use schools, community centers, large places that already have resources, like power, water, bathrooms
  o Consider different SIP locations for people and animals
  o Temporary evacuation Point – a safe staging area to park and remain in your vehicles while displaced in an emergency
  o A short term location for homeowners to stage while they determine their next move
  o Example – Volcano Fire, Murrieta Mesa HS was designated as the location for evacuees to go if needed
  o If you have to leave your animals let someone know
  o If you are not home at the time of the evacuation perhaps contact a neighbor
  o Contact animal control
  · Riverside County Sheriff – Sargent Warrington
  o Sargent Warrington is from the Lake Elsinore Station
  o Phone 951-245-3000
  o He is in charge of the POP Team – Problem Oriented Policing Team
  § They do patrol up here in La Cresta
  § Currently they are focused on party houses and marijuana grows
  o All sheriff vehicles do not have keys to open the gates – this is a county Knox key – all local fire engines have one (including USFS) and the RSO duty officer has a Knox key
  § If you have a gated property please install a Knox key for use during emergencies

  o On large fires/emergencies Unified Command is used and RSO and EMDwill be at the Incident Command Post (ICP)
  o EMD is our communities voice at that ICP
  § Also recommend having a Community Liaison / Duty officer to communicate between the ICP – EMD and or PIO to disseminate information to the community or help direct the community to the correct websites for information
  o Evacuation Order will not let you come back up once you leave
  o Evacuation warning or road closed/check point to due an incident near by – only residents may be let back up
  § Usually will let horse trailers up
  § RECOMMEND- horse boarders give a letter to their boarders or whoever is helping with moving animals/evacuating so that they will be allowed up
  · Not guaranteed but this will help
  · Concern for looters and safety that is why they screen persons coming up, however, this process can take a long time and owners can be sitting in a two hour wait just to get up the hill – be prepared for this
  § Large incidents you have officers from other jurisdictions thatmay not know the areas emergency plans and will just say no and only let verified residents up
  o Road Closures come from the ICP – usually Cal Fire/CHP and RSO  just enforces it
  o Evacuations – RSO will go door to door use their sirens and bullhorns
  o RSO has a volunteer program
   § They use their volunteers to help with road closures and they do patrols
  § Also have a Mounted Posey program
  § Recommend looking at their website and consider volunteering
  o Homeless encampments
  § Are enforcing the no camping ordinance
  § Also enforcing 555 – can’t obstruct a water way
  § Please call and report if you note any encampments in this area that you are concerned about and RSO will investigate
  o When you see RSO up here patrolling he encourages us to stop and say hello, we are paying for them to do a job, get to know them and let them know your concerns so they can help us
  · Lt. James Hoffman Riverside County Animal Control
  o ; phone 951-358-6514
  o Emergency Services Coordinator / REARS coordinator
  o REARS- Riverside Emergency Animal Rescue System
  § 951-358-7387 ; [8]
  § Always looking for volunteers and more people with trucks and trailers
  § REARS is the system developed in Riverside County for performing animal rescue, evacuation, sheltering, care and welfare of domestic and livestock animals
  § Used for emergencies as well as caring for/rescuing animals in large hoarding operations
  § On large incidents like fires, usually have an Animal Control rep at or near the ICP – in communication with EMD
  § Will work on setting up staging areas for animals and getting trailers for evacuations
  § The county has designated locations for animal evacuations, most are large county facilities but they are also looking at private ranches for animals as well
  · Example – using the shelters
  · They have an Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with all county parks
  · Indio and Perris Fairgrounds
  · Working on a contract with a private facility east of here –possibly looking for more private facilities – if you know of any on the plateau that might be interested in housing animals during an emergency and would be interested in completing an MOU/liability forms
please contact LT James Huffman
  § Road closures – if you have a signed letter where animals are boarded will usually let up the hill/through unless evacuation order then no one goes up due to safety unless part of REARS or other emergency services and essential personnel
  § Most important is to prepare early and practice
  § Have a plan in place for if you are home and if you are not home
  § If you are not home have communications set up with your neighbors
  to take care of your animals or help you evacuate/get your animals to a safe place before emergencies happen
  § Call AC if you need help or if your animals were left and you are concerned/need help with evacuating them
  · DJ -San Diego Animal Control Officer and member of the San Diego County Animal Response team
  o Denise “DJ” Gove lives in La Cresta, is on the Trails
  committee and is a great resource to us!
  o DJ and James Huffman have worked together for several years
  o DJ has been involved in many evacuations of animals and in San Diego – recently the Valley Fire which occurred in the rural East County
  o SD County has 3 receiving areas
  o They do not always use Del mar because they have their own events and when they have horses there then there is not capacity to house more – really too far to haul animals from the Plateau
  o SD has 31 private properties that they have agreements with homeowners to use in case of emergencies – these properties have been inspected and liability waivers signed/MOUs
  o Agreements with lots of smaller facilities
  o Usually facilities for evacuation are only open during MANDATORY evacuation / Evacuation ORDER – but now considering changing this practice since we really want people to evacuate early and safely –so may make changes so can open during evacuation WARNING.
  § This is why it is important for homeowners/animal owners to have their own plans in place and alternative locations with friends/neighbors to house animals
  § Usually fires are a “community” type fire and doesn’t affect the whole area so there are places to take animals locally/not too far
  § Animals are considered property so it’s a liability to house animals
  o Important to pre plan and practice
  o Don’t have the first time you try to load your horse and drive a trailer be during an emergency
  o Personally make arrangements for your animals with
  o Evacuation centers/SIP locations are typically not the quietest
  place or safest place for animals
  § Vehicle noise and dust
  § Other unknown animals / strange animals
  § Different stalls and fencing or lack thereof/environment
  § Trailering hazards
  o Animal Control is not in charge of road blocks
  o Trailering animals can be dangerous – especially at night and if you are trying to back up or drive rural roads
  o REARS has the equipment, training and authority – do not recommend using anyone to trailer your animals, this is why with road blocks only certified people are let up or in to assist aside from homeowners
  § Again pre plan and practice before an event happens
  o Plan for supplies for your animals for 3-5 days to be able to shelter in place
  § They need water, food, stalls etc.
  o Best thing a homeowner can do is prepare your own property and make it fire safe
  o Consider joining REARS, great training opportunities
  o Please consider socializing your animals
  o During Fire Season heat is a factor for animals as well – always more comfortable at home when possible
  o Don’t panic, shelter in place is usually best for animals
  o If you have to evacuate your animals or you plan to house others animals, protect yourself from liability since animals are considered property – take photos, get written agreements
  o Always have a back up plan or someone else to help
  · Closing remarks by Cal Westra
  · Announcement end of Meeting by Firesafe Council
  o Upcoming Brush Chipping Dates sponsored by the 

Firesafe Council
  o October 24 and 25th time: 8a-4p
  § 38195 Calle De Lobo
  o $10 per load; no palm fronds, grass clippings, viney material or limbs greater than 6” diameter
  o Call Greg Lee 852-1911 or Susan Hurst 696-7906 to schedule a drop of time or for more details also to volunteer or for additional questions you may contact Susan Frommer: 951-461-9691
  · Discussion after with Lori Wendlund – Rancho Capistrano Contact info:
  Discussed some disaster planning ideas that Rancho Capistrano does which we can apply to our community – some of this is already being worked on
  o Their POA has a Safety Committee through their association/board
  o They have a community map with contact information and on the map are the number of horses/animals at each property – this is available in several locations in the community and hanging in their community center
  o They have several designated SIP locations for people and animals
  o These are properties that have better clearance and extra stalls
  o They are maintained and have the proper supplies for horses – sand arena, stalls, food, water etc. if needed
  o They have a detailed phone list for their community to be used in emergencies
  o They have waivers signed by all property owners for use during emergencies regarding SIP locations and animal evacuations/trailering
  o Rancho Capistrano has also worked with Ralph to bring CERT training to their area
  o There are members of the community that have keys to the forest service gate since they are in the situation where they only have one way in and out if the 74 / Ortega Highway is blocked off

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